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A Voyage of Self Discovery

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For the team at Nirodha Yoga, there is nothing like witnessing the transformation that takes place in our students when they become as passionate as we are about yoga. From better posture to improved mental health, the world of yoga offers all of us a unique chance to connect with ourselves and become who we hope to be. 

As teachers, your yoga journey is of the utmost importance, ensuring you achieve what you set out to, your practice remains safe and poses are performed correctly to your abilities. 

More than just simply 'do yoga' we want you to experience yoga, experience the practice, experience the community, experience the specific guidance from your teacher and because of this, ALL OUR LIVE CLASSES ARE TRULY LIVE, no live streams - you will see your teacher, you will see each other and your teacher will see and guide you.

Come practice with us.

Practicing Yoga
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Yoga Instructor

Yoga came into my life after a deep need to reconnect and recenter after working tirelessly overseas in the corporate world. I was hooked from the moment I first stepped onto a mat and after many years of practice, wanting to learn more and be able to share this gift with others, I completed my teacher training in Rishikesh, India. 

I personally practice yoga to create a connection between mind, body and breath and my mission as a teacher is to share those benefits with others. Through my classes I strive to provide a strong and challenging practice, one that allows students to not only connect within themselves but to also inspire and support each other to be better. 

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All our classes are designed for beginners to advanced practices. It really comes down to tailoring your practice to meet your needs and your abilities.


As all classes are live, you will be given plenty of alignment cues and modifications to make your class specific to YOU.


Yoga Group Practice

A dynamic class guaranteed to make you SWEAT!

A moderate flow class focusing on strength, balance and flexibility. You will be guided through more difficult poses as your practice develops to keep you challenged and motivated.

Suited to all levels.


Warrior One

Challenge your focus.

A slower practice focusing more on alignment and breath. Poses are held for longer allowing the body to fully experience the intention of the pose. 

The practice will challenge your focus, breath and stamina.


Yoga Class

A time to restore.

A slow flow class with a focus on connecting movement to mind and breath.

A great class to simply move your body, find expansion and build confidence in your practice.


Meditation Group

Guaranteed to leave you in a state of pure bliss.

A session of long, deep stretches held for an extended period of time allowing you to go deeper into all the tight spots, followed by guided meditation and breathwork.

The practice is known to increase circulation and release tension. A dedicated hour to be just with yourself and find inner stillness.

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Online and Pre-Recorded Classes: Held via Google Meet. A calendar invite with the class link will be sent via email at least 30mins prior to start.

In-Studio Classes: Held at St Andrew's Uniting Church, South Turramurra NSW

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Yoga Man Namaste

"Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart" 
Roy T. Bennett

Thanking you always for your kind feedback

Joanne Moore

For a beginner it was challenging, just the right pace, with a wonderful relaxation to round off. Will be making it part of my weekly routine. I’m looking forward to becoming stronger and more flexible. A very calm but energising start to the day. Thanks Troy!


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